5G Testbed at IIT Hyderabad

About 5G Testbed Project

IIT Hyderabad in collaboration with top Indian institutes including IITM, CEWiT, IITD, IITK, IISC and SAMEER is building the largest 5G testbed of the country, with the support of Department of Telecommunications(DoT) Govt. of India. This project will create a 5G prototype and testing platform that will be developed under the guidance of IIT-H faculty.

The project will deliver an end-to-end 5G testbed comprising of 5G BS and UE nodes that support enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), Ultra low latency communication (URLLC), and massive MTC including NB IoT services. The operating frequently includes both sub 6 GHz and mmwave frequencies. The system will exceed IMT 2020 5G performance requirements including Low Mobility Large Cell (i.e.., LMLC) targets introduced by India at ITU.

The 'Indigenous 5G Testbed' project is a long term effort with a team of 100+ researchers/engineers based out of IIT-H campus.

Access and usage of 5G Testbed at IIT Hyderabad will be available soon. For more information, please contact 5gtestbedmanager@5g.iith.ac.in

Job Opportunities

We are looking for Programmers, Hardware Engineers and Algorithm developers who are interested to be a part of India's top 5G development team. As part of this team, you will be contributing in development of the algorithms/hardware architectures to build the country's largest 5G Testbed. You will be working at IIT-Hyderabad campus under the guidance of Professors and project leads.

Job Descriptions

1) Senior Research Staff / Project Lead

  • 3+ Years of work experience in a related field
  • Minimum Qualification: B.Tech/M.Tech with good academic record
  • Prior experience with Wireless Systems is an added advantage

To apply for this position, drop your resume to careers@5g.iith.ac.in / srinivas.kvn@5g.iith.ac.in

2) Research Staff

  • Minimum Qualification: B.Tech/B.E with a good academic record

To apply for this position, drop your resume to careers@5g.iith.ac.in / srinivas.kvn@5g.iith.ac.in

3) Project Associate-Digital Design Engineer

Job Description:

  • Design real-time cellular communication systems using FPGAs.
  • Develop design specifications based on the project requirements.
  • Design end-to-end integrated systems using low level sub-systems.
  • Perform system verification, code coverage, functional coverage analysis.
  • Implement test strategies at unit level, functional level and system level.
  • Implementation of the designed subsystems on FPGA platforms and testing with 3rd party test equipment
  • Perform simulations and compare with reference Matlab and/or C references.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD, MCA, BSc, MSc.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of Signal processing, Digital Design,
  • Familiar with C/C++ programming.
  • Familiarity with RTL is mandatory.
  • Familiarity with one of Verilog or VHDL or System Verilog
  • Familiarity with FPGA platforms such as Xilinx or Altera is a plus
  • Good Aptitude and Communication Skills

To apply for this position, drop your resume to careers@5g.iith.ac.in / srinivas.kvn@5g.iith.ac.in

4) Project Associate-Embedded Engineer

Job Description:

  • Having experience in embedded system design and SW development.
    • Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD, MCA, BSc, MSc.
    • Strong C programming language. Good knowledge of project architecture involving multiple files.
    • Board bring-up hands-on experience with 16 bit and 32-bit ARM (or any RISC) Processors.
    • Development of startup code, Bootloaders, static and dynamic Memory management
    • SMP and AMP Multicore Architecture knowledge and multicore software development experience on Linux and RTOS environment.
    • Proficient in device driver development and testing in Linux and RTOS environments.
    • Driver development experience of serial communication interface like UART, SPI, I2C will be a plus.
    • Knowledge of FPGA and the MPSoC architecture is a must
    • Candidates with knowledge of Vivado SDK/Vitis tools will be preferred
    • Strong in embedded design especially real time OS, bare metal, ARM, x86, high speed interface between arm/x86 and xilinx FPGA

    To apply for this position, drop your resume to careers@5g.iith.ac.in / srinivas.kvn@5g.iith.ac.in

    5) Embedded SW Lead / Principal Project Officer

    As a Embedded SW Lead/ Principal Project Officer, you will be responsible for low level drivers, toolchain, boot code, BSPs, and functionality of the Embedded Micro-Controller and its Wireless and Sensor peripherals.

    Key Qualifications:

    • Design and develop embedded software using "bare metal" and real time operating systems on multiple boards and MCUs.
      • Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD, MCA, BSc, MSc.
      • Design and develop board bring up code, device driver code, boot loaders, firmware update software (OTA), Secure boot, software for interfacing with sensors and peripherals, and application software.
      • Design and develop c including toolchain, BSPs to support IIoT modules.
      • Design, develop, and enhance middle layer framework to support reliable and maintainable application development, including higher layer communication stacks such as MQTT, LwM2M etc.
      • Design, document, code, test, and debug embedded device controllers for IoT.
      • Create unit and integrated test plans, test cases, and perform unit and integration testing and code reviews. Test tool development for both system verification and production test.
      • Support project planning efforts, including task definition and work effort.
      • Perform analysis, resolution, and tracking of defects and improvement to closure.
      • Develop and improve software development processes and procedures.
      • Provide engineering support for other departments as necessary.
      • Complete other engineering duties as assigned

      Minimum requirements:

      • 9 + years of experience in embedded systems development with strong C++ skills, multi- threading, multi-processor interfacing, and hardware-software integration.
      • Excellent software design skills and C/C++ programming skills; preferably in safety critical software development.
      • 3+ years of programming experience targeting embedded Microcontrollers (Experience with ARM Cortex M3/M4,/MSP430 or similar microcontroller preferred).
      • Experience working with microcontrollers running both RTOS (Example: RTX, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, Micrium OS, etc.) and bare metal software.
      • Experience in developing device drivers, timers, interrupt handlers, message-based software, etc.,
      • Experience in developing device drivers for bus interfaces and peripherals: SPI, I2C, UART, ADC, DAC, I2S, USB, LCD
      • Experience in C/C++ coding standard, OOD, static analysis, and code coverage.
      • Proficient with software development process.
      • Demonstrable experience developing efficient (memory, CPU, and bandwidth) software.
      • Familiarity setting up various embedded toolchains, build, and debugging environments.
      • Experience with software engineering processes and tools such as configuration management and issue tracking systems.
      • Ability to read circuit designs/electrical schematics and datasheets.
      • Experience in using oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and other test equipment to troubleshoot hardware/software issues.
      • Excellent problem-solving, design, development, and debugging skills.
      • Strong communication and interpersonal

      To apply for this position, drop your resume to careers@5g.iith.ac.in /srinivas.kvn@5g.iith.ac.in

      6) Project Associate (Administration, IT-Administration and Management Dept.,)

      Job Description:

      • Procurement of equipment (tenders, purchase proposals and inventory).
      • Processing procurement reimbursement bills and Contract with vendors to provide services if there are any hardware related issues
      • Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, BSc, MSc, M.Com, MBA, B.Com.
      • Financial reports of projects, office filing and record keeping systems for academic records, appointments, extensions.
      • Processing reimbursement of Travel bills of staff and students.
      • Human resource management, procurement management.
      • Perform other general office duties for the HR department.
      • Work on project management tools like JIRA etc.
      • Providing IT Network Engineering and Systems Engineering support on a wide range of technologies
      • Ability to work in 24X7 environment and experience in handling provisioning related issues.
      • Responsible for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and debugging complex technical issues that occur during these activities.
      • Thorough understanding of following technologies and tools: Routing protocols, TCP/IP, Multicast DNS, LAN switching
      • Creating, handling, and reviewing stage templates to ensure project completion in estimated time.
      • Coordinated with several teams and provided update on projects.

      R&D Focus Areas

      • Baseband ASIC and SoC design
      • 5G NR Base Station and UE Development
      • Modem Layer-1, Layer-2 and Layer-3 algorithms
      • DSP and FPGA Implementation of Baseband
      • CloudRAN
      • Massive MIMO
      • SDN/NFV for 5G
      • NB-IoT

      7) RF Design Engineer : Project Associate

      As an RF Engineer you will be responsible for design of the RF front end for 5G modems. You will work closely with other mechanical, hardware, and software engineers to achieve overall system requirements in these designs.

      Job Description:

      • 5G RF front-end architecture design and analysis using various simulation tools
      • Design, implementation and optimization of the RF circuit aspects of the front end modules which may include Up/Down Converters, PAs/LNAs, filters, circulators, baluns, interconnections from antenna feed ports until the baseband modem
      • Support the PCB manufacturing process flow
      • Be responsible for hardware designs from requirements definition through manufacturing, bring-up, and testing
      • May include integration with third party vendor hardware


      • In-depth understanding of EM fundamentals and RF design aspects at sub-6 and mm-wave frequencies
      • Experience in standard RF design techniques and EM simulation
      • Experience in wireless system design and architecture, system integration, and RF system analysis
      • Assist in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring additional teammates to our rapidly-growing team.
      • Thorough understanding of RF passive components.
      • Qualifications: B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD, MCA, BSc, MSc.
      • Extensive hands-on experience with test equipment such as spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, vector signal generator, network analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Multi-Meters
      • Experience in Matlab, Python, C++ or equivalent tools for modeling and analyzing RF systems
      • Knowledge with cellular protocols is a plus
      • Knowledge of system calibration and over the air calibration techniques is a plus

      To apply for this position, drop your resume to careers@5g.iith.ac.in /srinivas.kvn@5g.iith.ac.in

      8) Visiting Assistant/Associate/Professor on Sabbatical to join the 6G end-to-end Communication System project at IITH

      Job Description:

      • Develop physical layer and stack algorithms for 5G-advanced and 6G systems.
      • Representations in 5G-adv and 6G global standards meetings.
      • 5G-adv and 6G testbedĀ development.
      • DSP and FPGA Implementation of Baseband.
      • Extreme Massive MIMO development.


      The position is open to faculty who are at the level of Assistant/Associate/Professor level working in reputed institutions in India and who are eligible for sabbatical leave. The duration of the appointment will be equal to the sabbatical duration.

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